Manischewitz Cook-Off Contest Crowns Winner

Today I was invited to attend the 6th Annual Man-O-Manischewitz LIVE Cook-Off, featuring Celebrity Chef Claire Robinson, host of Five Ingredient Fix and Food Network Challenge. While I'm not Kosher or even Jewish for that matter, I have used some of the Manischewitz brand of products and was excited to see the Live Cook-Off and taste test some of the recipes.

Manischewitz Cook-Off
Manischewitz Cook-Off

So who won the cook off? Eric Silberman, of Lincolnwood, IL, a 20 year old student at Princeton University was crowned “King of Kosher.” and took home the grand prize of $25,000 including new Maytag appliances, a trophy, cash prize, trip to New York and more. His winning receipe? “’Mod’ Matzo Ball Soup” which uses the new Manischewitz Vegetable Broth.

Manischewitz Cook-Off

Before being crowned, I was able to catch Eric in action at his cooking station and see the products and ingredients he used. Eric was clearly in the cooking zone. Eric was raised Modern Orthodox, keeps Kosher, and growing up, he had Matzo ball soup every Shabbat and now, as an adult, making the matzo balls is his job whenever he is home.

Manischewitz Cook-Off

But he did have some serious competition since the other cooking finalists were also busy tasting and cooking at their stations. The other four finalists came from all over the nation and include kosher and non-kosher consumers.
  • Jennifer Daskevich—Los Angeles, CA—Crispy Chicken and Cherries
  • Jacquie Serebrani-Kesner—Lexington, MA—Gnocchi
  • Ronna Farley—Rockville, MD—Chicken Puff Sandwiches
  • Andrew Dorsch—Scotch Plains, NJ—Torte Vegetali
The finalists were all challenged to prepare family-friendly recipes incorporating one of the Manischewitz All-Natural broth flavors including Vegetable, Beef, Chicken and Reduced-Sodium Chicken.

Manischewitz Cook-Off
Manischewitz Cook-Off

Guest at the event were able to taste test all the yummy foods made available using Manischewitz products. The purpose of the annual competition is to encourage home chefs to experiment with kosher products while preparing delicious recipes that could become a new family favorite or that can be shared from generation to generation.

Manischewitz Cook-Off

This year, the Cook-Off helped support rock CAN roll Inc. ®, a non-profit organization based in Long Island, NY. dedicated to restocking the shelves of emergency food agencies across the country. They do this by strategically placing donation bins to collect the food which is then distributed to food pantries. rock CAN roll also collaborates with schools, business, and concerts to help with the food collection.

Manischewitz has placed donation bins throughout the country and will match any donations made, in addition to making a generous direct contribution. Read more about rock CAN roll and how to donate at

See a complete list of donation bin locations at

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  1. Oh, how fun! I've never made anything thing with these products before. I've tasted them in the past, but didn't know how versatile they could be.