VTech New Switch & Go Dinos Toys Morphs into Vehicles

During Toy Fair I received a tweet from a dinosaur. But this wasn't just a regular dinosaur tweeting, this was Brok the Brachiosaurus from VTech's new Switch & Go Dinos line.


VTech's New Switch & Go Dinos are transforming toys that combine two of boys’ favorite play patterns, uniquely morphing back and forth from dinosaur to vehicle to provide an interactive 2-in-1 play experience for children ages 3-8.

Switch & Go Dinos provides:
  • Innovative Play Experience - Each toy features a customizable LCD screen, allowing boys to personalize their play experience by choosing dinosaur eyes when in dinosaur mode and driver faces when in vehicle mode. Dramatic dinosaur and vehicle sound effects brings the toys to life, creating an immersive play experience.
  • Education - In dinosaur mode, action buttons trigger interesting facts about each dinosaur as they come to life to exclaim up to 30 expressions, such as, “I’m a herbivore. I chow down on plants.” and “They call me spine-lizard because of the long spines on my back.”
  • Collectible Line - Switch & Go Dinos features an entire line of seven unique and collectable dinosaur/vehicle toys including
  • Brok the Brachiosaurus,
  • Span the Spinosaurus,
  • Attila the Ankylosaurus,
  • Sliver the T-Rex (shown above)
  • T-Don the Pteranodon,
  • Tonn the Stegosaurus
  • Horns the Triceratops.
Suggested retail prices range from $15.99 to $49.99 and the toys will be available at Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us and other major retailers and online at www.vtechkids.com and www.amazon.com

For more information on VTech’s additional product lines, visit www.vtechkids.com/switchandgodinos
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And if you want to tweet with Brok the Brachiosaurus you can find him on Twitter @Broksays. Let him know I sent you and my family will be playing with him soon :)
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