Safety 1st ProGrade VersaScan TALKING Thermometer

Runny nose, sneezing - the cold and flu season is here. Each year up to 20% of people come down with the flu, with activity peaking in February, according to the CDC. While a Safety 1st can’t help “cure” the flu, they do have NEW products to help make a parent’s life a little easier when caring for a sick child.

Safety 1st Talking Thermometer

One of Safety 1st new products I really like is their ProGrade VersaScan TALKING Thermometer. This NEW thermometer takes a one-second reading, plus it talks! It has a human voice read-out option, and the VersaScan can also be used to measure object temperatures, like food and bath water.

Other great options include: Fever Light™ Ring shows red for high temperatures, 30 memory recall for temperature and time, auto shut-off and low battery indicator. It retails for $39.99.

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