MotherKnows App Tracks Kid's Immunization & Health Records

Studies have shown when parents have control over their child’s immunization records they are more likely to keep them up to date. MotherKnows is the latest app technology that provides parents 24-hour online access to a child's immunization charts and health records.

MotherKnows Apps
MotherKnows Apps

MotherKnows an excellent resource for parents to have on hand, and it’s especially convenient for summer camp and daycare enrollment. Users simply sign up and MotherKnows collects the records from any medical provider and converts them into easy to read graphic displays.

MotherKnows then continues to update immunization records and alerts parents of upcoming immunizations to make it easy for parents stay on top of their child’s health.

The cost for the service is $98 for a year or 9.95 a month. To learn more visit -

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