lia sophia Zingara, Fashion Jewelry Collection

Recently lia sophia, family-owned, fashion jewelry company, hosting an event during New York Fashion Week, where they showed off items from their collection including zingara, a red carpet collection.

lia sophia Zingara

Zingara, is a mix of bohemian and jet-seter. Inspired by chic destinations around the world, Zingara features rich colors, ornate designs and detailing.
lia sophia Zingara
lia sophia Zingaralia sophia Zingara

While all the jewelry in the lia sophia Catalog, which comes out twice a year, is affordable (prices start at $16), each year the company creates several higher-priced Red Carpet Collections geared toward celebrities and tastemakers.

lia sophia Zingaralia sophia Zingara

The lia sophia Red Carpet Collections are regularly featured in magazines like Elle, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and in Style.

The appeal of lia sophia fashion jewelry is that it can easily be mixed and matched for different looks for various occasions. Popular pieces include silver, gold and necklace pendants that can be combined with various chains to create a casual look for day or a sophisticated look for night.

In addition to empowering women to launch their own businesses, lia sophia also helps women through its non-profit partner, Dress for Success. lia sophia donates money for programs to Dress for Success, the global organization known for preparing women in need of a job by giving them professional attire and then providing them with continuous education and mentoring. In addition to a financial contribution, iia sophia donates jewelry to those women who retain their jobs.

To learn more about lia sophia and starting your own lia sophia home business visit at

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