Motions Naturally You Hair Styles Inspired by The Oscar's

Last night during the Oscar's many discussions happened on and offline about who would win which awards. Meanwhile I was busy ogling the few black women attending. One black women in particular caught my attention right away in flash of emerald green and auburn fiery hair. Viola Davis!

Motions Natural Hair Products

Viola caused quite a stir when she stepped out in style on last night’s red carpet with her very own naturally fabulous hair!

Personally I loved that look but many people didn't. A few had some not so nice things to say. I wont even bother to repeat it. I think many people don't understand the appeal of natural hair for women of color. As a women for African Caribbean decent, wearing hair natural is no big deal. There's been a few times when I've also rocked a short natural cropped hairdo. I loved it!

Many times I see other women of color sports weaves, wigs and whatnot. It's a personal choice and I'm not telling anyone how to wear their hair but I KNOW some of us would like to be done with all that "extra" sometimes and just let our hair BE.

Motions Natural Hair Products

While at Blogalicious last year I had a similar conversation while at the Motions booth. I learned a lot about their products and how they work to care for different types of ethnic hair.

To get a look like Viola try a few products from the NEW Naturally You! collection from Motions like the Hydrating Cleanser and Smoothing Conditioner. Then style with the "Define My Curls Crème" to achieve a similar look at home. Each product has a suggested retail price of $6.00 and can be found at most mass retailers.

Motions Natural Hair Products

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  1. Viola Davis looked extremely cute at the Oscars. Her hair, dress, and everything was absolutely flawless! I've heard a few negative comments myself but some people don't understand the natural trend.

  2. Natural or not, this is about Viola and her look. Honestly, I don't think there is a comparison - her natural look beats her other look hands down! If the situation were reversed, I'd say go with the wig. But her natural look is so undeniably beautiful that I would think it an injustice for her to present herself - especially for that event - any other way.