Google, Microsoft, Facebook & My Privacy Online

Like most people I love being online. Being part of social networking sites helps me keep in touch with friends and family. then of course there's my life of a mom blogger. Can't be a well know blogger if I'm not connected with the online community right? But I'm starting to wonder if all this online social connecting is becoming a danger to my online privacy.

no online privacy

I recently read an article about charges against Google for allegedly exploiting loopholes in major browsers that allowed them to track users despite the no-tracking settings. Now another major online brand is also accusing Google of bypassing user privacy settings

What is happening?! I'm beginning to feel like I'm fighting a losing battle to protect my online privacy. It's bad enough I have to watch out for spammers, hackers and all sorts of other online piracy from people I don't know. Seems now I have to worry about it from a company I semi trusted?

Now I wonder, can you fully trust any site online with your information?

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  1. I think this simply means we have to be more vigilant online. We have to be aware of all of the profiles we have out there and all of our information. And we have to read up on the privacy policies of ALL of the places we hang out online socially. It's a headache but necessary evil :(

  2. I tell you, we just have to be extra mindful I suppose.