Vulkano Flow : Mobile TV Anywhere

The Vulkano Flow enables you to view any of your home TV content live on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones and tablets, iPads, Macs, PCs and soon on Windows 7 and Symbian devices.

Vulkano Flow

Vulkano Flow Top Features ($99):
  • TV Anywhere-Placeshifter
  • Unique clients for PC, Mac, iPad, iphone, Blackberry, Android - ALL with EPGs
  • Direct to Mobile Recording
  • Record on PC/Mac for playback later
  • Wireless set up
  • Differentiators with Sling: Considerably lower price for device & mobile clients, Streams up to 2.5mbps, Records on PC or Mac, integrated EPGs, Wireless set up
  • Differentiators with Service Providers: Available today, works with any service provider, works internationally, streams all channels
The Vulkano Flow is available at Fry’s Electronics, Amazon, MicroCenter, other leading retailers and etailers as well as on

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