Team Umizoomi Preschool Math Kit Review

As my son gets ready for preschool I've tried to find products that help lay the foundation for the things he needs to learn. For the most part my son know his ABC's and 123's. But I know things might change later on down the road. After learning about the launch of math kits from Team Umizoomi, a preschool series that focus entirely on math, I thought this would be a fun way for me to help my son find fun in learning math while he's young.

Team Umizoomi Math Kit


The Preschool Math Kits ($19.99) are the first consumer products being introduced from Team Umizoomi. Nickelodeon worked with a team of educational consultants to develop the Team Umizoomi Preschool Math Kits, which address the areas of math that help lay the groundwork for getting preschoolers prepared for kindergarten.

The Team Umizoomi Preschool Math Kit includes the following:
  • 48-page workbook that amplifies the curriculum covered in each episode, setting up problems and providing opportunities for practice and repetition
  • 24-page storybook that invites kids to join Team Umizoomi on a math adventure
  • 24 Mighty Math Mission Cards - portable cards that provide math-based challenges for kids
  • 48-page activity book that reinforces math skills through simple games and activities
  • Team Umizoomi episode on DVD
The goal of the kits is to provide hands-on, interactive ways for preschoolers to experience math with their parents, help kids incorporate math into everyday life and stress the importance of math as a key component of school readiness.

My Review

Team Umizoomi Math Kit
After watching the Team Umizoomi episode on DVD, we review some scenes using the Playground Heroes storybook. My son was able to follow along with the basic concepts of find certain shapes to build something, but there was some activities like measuring and pattern repeats that he needs to grow into. I can see how these math building activities would be fun for an older child.

We also used the Mighty Math activity book. My son loved coloring in the photos and figuring out shapes, simple patterns and drawing a certain item to finish a story. Ex, 2 more flowers are need to make 5 flowers.

The other workbook was a bit advanced for my son but I did go through some projects and found them appropriate and fun for older children. It was fun to fill in shapes in a sandbox or count how many animal came over to say hello.

I tried using the Mighty Math Mission Cards but honesty they are challenging. Each card is filled with activity you can do using math to solve a problem. If your child really likes math then they'll love these. But I suggest you start of with an easy challenge and then work your way up so you or your child don't get frustrated. Trust me!

Over all I think the Umizoomi Preschool Math Kit will def be a great tool to use to help your kids develop an interest in math in a fun way. The Team Umizoomi Math Kits will be available at nearly 600 Toys"R"Us stores nationwide or can be purchased online from Nickelodeon.

Please Note: I received the Umizoomi Preschool Math Kit for review purposes as part of a promotional program with Nickelodeon and MomSelect. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

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  1. I've seen this kid advertised on Nick Jr. and was wondering about it. Thanks for your thorough review. My DD loves watching Team Umizoomi so maybe I'll check this kit out.