Proactiv's $5 off every product back-to-school offer

Proactiv has a fun back-to-school offer that's, not only for students, but for moms, too, who want to pick up the essentials. When the school year begins, books, supplies and food can really add up! Luckyly, Proactiv has an exclusive Back2School offer of $5 off any product on the website on up to 5 products! Stock up on the essentials so your skin is the last thing on your mind this fall.

Proactiv  discount offer
Members AND non-members can save up to $25 on Proactiv's top blamish-blasting acne products, such as:
  • Refining Mask with antibacterial sulfur for clear, radiant skin (same edits as above for all)
  • Advanced Blemish Treatment to erase problem pimples fast
  • Medicated Cleansing Bar which gently washes away pore-clogging impurities and excess oil
With the extra $5-$25 you save, think of all the other back-to-school essentials you can get, like a laptop case, new iPad apps, a Starbucks coffee, or kindle books!
It's rare for Proactiv to have such a big discount, so make sure you don't miss out!

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