Vogel’s Ring O: Ultimate Tablet & iPad 2 Companion

RingO, the Universal Tablet Mounting System from Vogel’s, lets you mount your iPad or other tablet where you want it. RingO gives you more opportunities to enjoy your tablet wherever, for whatever. Unlock the full power of your device – in one click enjoy movies in the car, show presentations on the wall, instructional videos while cooking or watch holiday photographs on the coffee table.

Vogel Ring O Starter Pack

Vogel’s: Ring O Tablet Starter Pack: Tablet case designed for easy mounting wherever you need it
  • Starter Pack includes one tablet Holder and 1 wall mount
  • Protective tablet case is designed for the iPad, iPad2, and Galaxy Tablet
  • iPad: The iPad Holder adds minimal bulk while still keeping it fully protected for travel
  • iPad 2: Includes Smart Cover compatibility and improved sound with audio amplification
  • Galaxy Tablet: Holder allows full functionality for the user to operate any button and still use camera
All three tablet Holders universally work with each mount designed by Vogel’s. Available at: Apple Stores, Authorized Apple Resellers Price: $69.99

Vogel Ring O Car Mount

Vogel’s: Ring O Car Mount: Sleek and compact car mount for RingO Tablet Holder; perfect for person on the go
  • The Car Mount is the safest and most secure way to let your passengers use their tablet
  • The tablet with Holder is simply clicked into place for back seat travelers to enjoy all their content
  • Tablets can be freely rotated 360 degrees to allow different ways of viewing
  • Locking system ensures secure support/viewing when attached to the headrest
No tools are needed to install RingO Car Mount. Compatible with iPad, iPad 2 and Galaxy Tablet. Available at: Apple Stores, Authorized Apple Resellers Price: $99.99

The precision-engineered aluminum ring clips easily onto the available tablet mounts, and stays there. This European designed system is fast becoming the universal standard in tablet mounting systems worldwide. Visit the website or more information - www.tabletonthewall.com

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