6 Summer Camp Must Haves

With camp season in full swing, Gifts.com and its team of expert gift gurus have compiled a list of bunk-friendly gifts to send to campers or bring on visitors day that ease homesickness and let your kids know you’re thinking of them from home.

Camp Gift Ideas

Personalized Kids Name Stickers - $10.95 - Each sticker is custom personalized with any name, nickname, etc. claiming him as owner! They can label everything from their Nalgene bottle to their backpack. Set includes 2 sheets.

Camp Gift Ideas

Away From Home Snacks and Essentials Care Package in Mini Laundry Gift Basket - $50 - All the basics are in this mini laundry hamper including Laundry Care, Hand Sanitizer and Mouthwash. It’s also stuffed with yummy munchies to dust away the missing home blues.

Camp Gift Ideas

Camp bunk box of questions - $20 - It’ll be easier than ever to get to know their bunk mates with this fun box of questions like “if you could have any band play at camp, who would it be?”

Camp Gift Ideas

Midnight Snack Care Package Gift Basket - $35 - This junk food bonanza will have them bouncing off the walls, but it’s ok…they’re not at home! Help cure their summertime blues with some snacks that they can share with their new friends.
Camp Gift Ideas

Personalized Summer Camp Note Cards - $25 - These personalized note cards come in a variety of styles like “S’more news from Sarah” & “Bunk Notes from Matt” and will make it as fun for them to write home as it is for you to read their letters. These cards are definitely keepers for the memory box.
Camp Gift Ideas

Deluxe Camp Essentials Camp Care Package - $60 - With everything from a toothbrush, toothpaste and a journal, to temporary tattoos, bracelets, cards and air missles, kids will forget all about being homesick.

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