Motorola Responsibility on the Road Program offers 50% off hands-free Bluetooth device

Since the July 4th Holiday weekend families have hit the road for summer travel. If your one of these driving families then you'll love this news from Motorola Mobility for responsible motorists. Take the Motorola Responsibility on the Road pledge and receive a special coupon code for 50% off a Motorola hands-free Bluetooth® device, including the Motorola Roadster™ in-car speakerphone till to July 17.

Motorola Driver Pledge

It’s not often that motorists receive recognition for doing something right. Motorola Mobility, Inc. will reward drivers who commit to responsible driving behavior through its Responsibility on the Road program. Working with state and local police in select cities, Motorola will give Bluetooth® devices to select motorists who follow their state and local hands-free laws. Motorola Mobility will also provide online resources to educate drivers on new and existing hands-free legislation.

Motorists across the country are invited to visit to pledge to be “Responsible on the Road” by using hands-free technology if they need to communicate while driving. In return, Motorola will give motorists 50% off select Motorola hands-free devices.

Motorola Mobility headsets, in-car speakerphones and hands-free devices like the Motorola Roadster™, a voice-enabled, in-car speakerphone, featuring the MotoSpeak™ app with text-to-speech and speech-to-text capability, make it easy to make or receive a call and hear or respond to a text message while keeping your hands on the wheel.

Drivers can also find information on hands-free laws at, and those with phones powered by Android™ can access Motorola’s Smart Handsfree app, which uses location technology to discern a user’s state and display an overview of cell phone and texting laws.

For more information on Motorola Roadster or other Motorola devices that can help motorists drive responsibly, visit

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