Healthy Scalp Leads to Beautiful Hair & Clear Skin

Did you ever think the key to beautiful hair was your scalp? Keep your hair looking healthy by giving the source of gorgeous locks a little TLC!

Healthy Scalp
The Solano SuperSolano 3600Ion Dryer ($129, not only cuts down your drying time, but combines three different technologies for shiny, healthy hair: Ion Technology conditions hair and reduces static electricity, Tourmaline Technology promotes healthier hair with natural ions, and Silver Nano Technology provides anti-bacterial protection for less damage at the scalp.
Healthy Scalp
Keep dry scalp and flakes at bay with JASON Naturals Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner ($8.45, Tea Tree Oil combines with selected botanicals and protein to purify and fortify hair follicles helping to keep hair cleaner and shinier longer. Tea Tree is also one of nature’s best bacteria fighters!

Healthy Scalp
Stop strands from breaking with Goody Ouchless Oval Cushion Brush ($7.47, Wal-Mart) it features a gentle, tangle-free cushion that massages the scalp for smoother strands.

Healthy Scalp
Say good-bye to to-tight elastics that pinch and break hair with Goody Ouchless Elastics ($4.50 - $7.99, drugstores). Tired of headbands irritating behind the ears? Ouchless Head Wraps ($4.99) offer a gentle and secure hold.

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