Moms on the Move Kick-Off Lunch with Linda Swain

It's not everyday you get to meet an Emmy Award winning television host and show creator. But that's what happened when I was invited to a luncheon for the launch of Linda Swain's “Moms on the Move” series. Beginning in January, Moms on the Move premiered on DirectTV and in over 300 broadcast and cable television stations. That's amazing considering that the goal of Linda's show is to highlight inspiring moms across America. I was happy to have a chance to speak with Linda and learn more about “Moms on the Move”

Linda Swain Moms on MoveLinda Swain Moms on Move

It wasn't long after sitting down at my table that Linda personal came over to introduce herself and get to know more about each mom (and dad) sitting at the table. I was impressed with how down to earth and at ease Linda was as she talked about her show, how she feels we're all connected and important it is to her to do good and heart touching projects.
“I am proud to be part of the most loving, selfless and inspiring club in the world and it is my mission and my honor to provide a platform and a destination for all of us to exchange and interact,” says Swain.
Linda saw a great need for mothers to be recognized for their achievements and have an outlet to share their stories. Her goal is to touch a global audience through the way she shares the stories of real people.

Linda Swain Moms on MoveLinda Swain Moms on Move

During the luncheon Linda shared a story of one mom she became very close to. Even though this women was a struggling single parent with a son that needed special care, she was known in her community for always helping others and being a loving person. When a unexpected health issue took this mom life, her son was left without someone to care for him. Linda reached out to the boys father, who was estranged from the mother, and helped bridge a connected. The father is now caring for the son. Linda was inspired by how this women lived her life and wants to continue to highlight mothers like this.

“Moms on the Move” informs, educates, and entertains viewers by showcasing celebrities, experts, and inspiring moms. Compelling stories and interviews highlight the many diverse challenges,experiences and solutions that extend beyond the MOTM television series and community to the MOTM website.

On MOTM website, viewers will engage, interact and share with each other. They create their own profile pages and upload photos and videos, they find the best ideas for moms on “Mommy Must Haves,” and hear from the “Experts,” while some will even be nominated for guest appearance opportunities and Website feature story’s, and as always, they “Ask Linda” for advice.

Whether you watch the show on television or join the community online, prepared to be moved.

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