"The Little Engine That Could" for iPad from Once Upon an App

Having a son who loves train has caused me to be interested in anything train related. When I learned that "The Little Engine That Could" is now available for iPad through Once Upon an App, I was super excited. I know many parents with little boys and girls who know and love this classic story! This animated story of a Little Engine, whose can-do optimism saves the day, is filled with interactive fun from start to finish.

little engine that could

Throughout the story, children are actively engaged as they embark on a character-building adventure of assisting others in need. The story begins with a request to select the train's color as well as load the train with toys, animals and delicious treats. Deep into the story, children continue with interactive play by pressing the unique sounding bells and whistles of the five featured engines. The story comes to a climatic close as the child and Little Engine alike work together thanks to an "I think I can" spirit as they climb the big, steep mountain.

Children and adults alike will be delighted with the colorful illustrations, and original musical score. Each engine has its own distinguished personality thanks to unique voice and musical accompaniment. This is ideal for children 2 years and older, with simple interactions designed for young children. Features include:
  • Full animation
  • Original musical accompaniment
  • Full narration with various individual voices
  • Interactive play
  • Choose the train's color
  • Load the train's freight
  • Hear the bells and whistles of the five engines
Once Upon an App specializes in developing applications of classic children's stories. "The Little Engine That Could" is a special project as it was the first known story to highlight a female character as a motorized heroine.

Visit the website: http://onceuponanapp.com/
Follow on twiiter: http://twitter.com/OnceUponAnApp

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