Motivate a Child for Potty Training with Pull-Ups & Disney

I recently shared this video of my son giving me a potty "hint". While it's a cute video I can honestly say it took a lot of work to get to that point.

Note: Pull-Ups training pants provided me with product coupons to try out the new Learning Designs Pull-Ups with Toy Story 3/Princess and the Frog characters. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive sentiments towards Pull-Ups products.

The key? If you can keep your child, and yourself, motivated then you can also reach that point. But how can you first get your child motivated?

This was my big question when I first thought about potty training with my son. The answer came when I was asked to host a Pull-Ups & Disney Potty Training Kit giveaway and share with my readers that Pull-Ups are now available (for a limited time only!) with Toy Story 3 and The Princess and the Frog characters.

We added putting on Pull-Ups as part of our morning routine. My son loves that he can pull them on and get that feeling of being a "big kid". I loved that they have an easy open side so I can check for wetness or make a quick change if needed. It's also very cute to watch him run around wearing the Buzz and Woody characters from Toy Story 3.

We all know that starting a new adventure (like potty training) with the friends and characters kids love can help make potty training more fun!

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