Time to Play 2010 Spring Showcase with Toys for Boys

While attending the TimetoPlayMag.com press conference, hosted by Jim Silver and Chris Byrne, I learned about the hottest toys hitting the store shelves, blockbuster movies "must haves" and toys to make the most of outdoor playtime.

During the press conference Jim Silver and Chris Byrne highlighted the connection between movies, culture events and toys. They explained that both adults and children love the "play" experience inspired by movies. Kids want to role-play to become characters not just play with them.

Next they brought out some of the upcoming hottest toys. Many of the spring/summer toys encouraged outside play. Either toys were travel ready or made to be use outside. Then they talked about some of the hottest upcoming movie and the toy connections.
  • Iron Man 2 - After the success of the first Iron Man there is great excitement about the sequel. Toys based on the movie will allow kids to go into the fantasy of being the characters.
  • A-Team - These themes toys have a broader appeal. Besides being the coolest new thing, they also are collectors items and iconic figures to will endure over time.
  • Toy Story 3 - This was the first time toys for Toy Story was shown. Disney lifted the embargo so TTP could showcase. Toy Story 3 toys are expected to do well and most, if not all, of the companies had toys for this popular kids movie.
Following the press conference leading manufacturer, retailers and entertainment companies showcased the season's best toys and children lifestyle products. Following is my tour of the exhibitors. Since I have a son many of the toys I looked at were for boys but the exhibitor showed many toys for girls also.


The To Go! game assortment features 5 new versions of favorite family games design for portable on the go fun. Age: Various, ARP: $9.99

Matchbox Real Talking Rigs Assortment. A fun loving group of working trucks that with one push pop up and show off lights, sounds and phrases. Age: 3+, ARP: $9.99

Sing-A-Ma-Jigs. When these Plush characters sing their mouths move with each note. Not only do they chatter and sing individually but when put together just squeeze their tummies, they sing in harmony. Age: 3+, ARP: $12.99

Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Deluxe Action Wing Pack. Once kids slip into the backpack styled design, they push a button to pop the wings, the wingtips light up and Buzz starts speaking his signature phrases. Age: 6+, ARP: $49.99

JAKKS Pacific

Jakks "Kids Only" division created new line of outdoor furniture that comes in a wide variety: Kiddie Pools ($9.99), Patio Sets ($29.99) and Resin Chairs ($9.99) that features kids favorite characters including Disney Princess, Mickey Mouse Club and Toy Story.

Jakks "CDI" line of dress up and role play ($19.99) are designed specifically for boys and girls ages 2 years and up with softer & safer fabrics. Features characters from Toy Story and Disney Princess with more to be added in Fall 2010 including Alice in Wonderland.

Techno Source

BowBiters (Ages 18m+; $3.99 basic BowBiters, $5.99 BowBiter Blinkers) are coming back with new contemporary designs and popular characters, introducing for the first time BowBiter Blinkers that light up with every step. Features characters from Disney Princesses, Toy Story, Marvel’s Spider-Man and Iron Man, and more.

Buzz's Blaster LCD video game. Tilt the blaster to recharge Buzz's laser when you run out of power. Includes multiple challenging levels, a vibrant full color LCD screen, sound control and real movie sounds. Batteries included. Ages: 4+. $17.99.

MEGA Brands

Pull Along Musical Pirate Ship. This multi-dimensional playset is a pull-along pirate ship that has all the accessories a little buccaneer could ever ask for: a catchy tune, a crew, a real working cannon, a friendly shark and a treasure chest, Age: 1+, SRP: $29.99, Available: Fall 2010

The Iron Man 2 Tri-Armor Suitcase includes three sets of 6" buildable armors that contain a total of 46 magnetic pieces. All armor sets are compatible with each other. This set contains three different armours and one skeleton. Age: 6+, SRP: $19.99

Build Big! Deluxe Creation Box set includes colorful blocks decorated with animal prints and has multiple big multi-pronged blocks that fit together safely and securely. Age: 1+ SRP: $29.99, Available: Fall 2010

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