Mrs Prindable's Gourmet Jumbo Apples Review

Apples in general are great snacks but when dipped in caramel and covered with different layers of chocolate their apples are taken to the ultimate snack level.

Note: Sample was provided for review by Mrs Prindable's as part of a MomImpact campaign

Mrs Prindable's uses the largest apples, highest quality ingredients and most impressive gift packaging to make a difference when someone received one of their products as a gift.


After having my Mrs Prindable's arrive at my workplace for a review I certainly felt special. My apple was dipped-by hand and made fresh to be shipped to me. As I opened my lovely wrapped box, my co-workers gather around to see what yummy surprise was inside. Once they saw the caramel and chocolate covered jumbo apple they offered to help me "review" my treat. Since 1 of these jumbo apples can serve up to 10 people I had no choice but to share.

After cutting the apple into pieces the "review" process started. What were my co-workers comments as they mumbled with mouths filled? Most were a mixture of "Mmmmm", "This is SO Good, SO good" and "You get all the cool stuff".

As I ate my own piece of my treat I had to agree. The apple was crisp and tasty. Also despite being covered in extra layers of sweetness the overall taste wasn't overly sugary. Everything made a yummy taste combination.

The company Mrs Prindable's takes pride in providing many different types of premium caramel and chocolate covered apples and handmade confection gift for their customers for over 25 years.

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