4 Lee & Low Multicultural Children's Books

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Like many parents I try to cultivate a love of reading in my child. My son loves our reading time and is always excited to hear a story. As a multicultural family I'm always looking for books that features characters that will appeal to my son and our community.

Wave GoodbyeDavid's Drawings
Ice Cream MoneyBaby Born

Note: I received a complementary set of books for review purposes.

When I received an offer to review books by Low and Lee, I was very excited since Lee and Low is "an independent children's book publisher specializing in diversity.

Books I Reviewed
  • Wave Goodbye - As a sister and her little brother join their friends for a birthday party, waving becomes an occasion for movement and fun.
  • David's Drawings - After seeing a tree on his way to school, David wants to a picture of it. One by one his classmates add suggestions to help David draw his picture and make new friends.
  • Ice Cream Money - Three friends prepare to buy a yummy after lunch treat in the school cafeteria by comparing their different coins combination.
  • Baby Born - Follow babies through the seasons and each new stage of development with a surprise under every flap.

My Review

I was very impressed with the Lee & Low website, which showed books that represented all cultures and age ranges. They also had books for home schoolers and reading resources for teachers.

The story lines of the books are simple and easy to read but also engaging for both parents and the child. In Baby Born my son enjoyed opening lifting the flaps on certain pages as I read the story to him. In Wave Goodbye we both enjoyed trying the different ways of "waving" using our hands,noses and our belly. In Ice Cream Money I used the coins to help my son learn how to count.

Story time for us became a time for fun, movement and learning beyond just reading a story. No matter a families race or cultural background there's definitely a Lee & Low book that will enrich your child's life. Be sure to check them out!

About the Company

Co-founders, Tom Low and Philip Lee, are both Chinese American making Lee & Low Books one of the few minority-owned publishing companies in the country. It is the company's goal to meet the need for stories that children of color can identify with and that all children can enjoy. Lee & Low also make a special effort to work with artists of color.

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