DIY Sundae at Rock Center Café Summer Garden & Bar #RockCenter #MySummerSundae

This summer treat yourself and your family to a nice cool treat at the Summer Garden & Bar at Rock Center Café. They offer a new sundae service that offers over 58 million sundae combinations and after visiting for a taste test, we highly recommend it to families. Or yourself if you don't want to share!

DIY Sundae at Rock Center Café Summer Garden and Bar

Note: I received a complimentary brunch and #MySummerSundae for review purpose. However, any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

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We visited the Summer Garden & Bar at Rock Center Café for a nice brunch over the weekend. While my son was ready for the DIY sundae service, I insisted we take time to enjoy really eating a meal there. Ha!

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I ordered Steak and Eggs for myself and chicken strips and fries for my son. Since I like my eggs well done and sunny side up, I asked if they could make mine to order. They were very nice and flexible and said no problem. When our meals came, both were so good!

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After clearing away our plates, it was DIY sundae time! To say that my son was excited is an under statement. While he was all for customizing the sundae himself. I insisted on adding my own topping choices. He cant have all the fun!

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So we took turns chooising our ice cream flavots, topping, sauce and extra topping treat. Even thought the menu offered alot of choices, it was all easy to order so our sundae can come out to us quickly.

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And just as quick as our sundae came out, we ate it all up. It was so good! And a great summer treat to enjoy!

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Created by Pastry Chef Michael Gabriel, the sundae is designed to be highly interactive.

“Every summer we have a high demand for ice cream, and guests today increasingly want to customize dessert their own way,” explained Gabriel. “We wanted to add a playful twist by revamping all-American favorites... and added the most-requested flavors and toppings -- birthday cake is currently #1.”

Chef Gabriel churns the ice cream at his bake shop beneath Rock Center, baking cakes and brownies as toppings and making syrups and sauces. The housemade ice cream flavors include chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

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Toppings are an ode to classic candy shop treats: M&M’s, gummy bears, and candied pecans, vintage-style sugar-swirl lollipops and caramel pearls – adding a dash of nostalgia in selecting your childhood favorites, all offering decadent possibilities for a customizable personal sundae each and every time!

Summer Garden & Bar at Rock Center Café offers this special treat for ice cream lovers this summer. The seasonal outdoor dining venue (which replaces The Rink at Rockefeller Center each year) now offers a DIY sundae service - Guests are invited to choose their ingredients, and then build their own sundae at the table, with 58 million possible personalized sundae combinations on the menu.

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  1. What a deliciously fun date spot, we will definitely make it a stop over the summer! You looked so happy together!