T-Mobile Binge On video streaming adds Disney, NAT GEO TV, Apple Music, & More #BingeOn

T-Mobile's "Binge On" service just made it even easier to keep the kids entertained this summer, whether staying local or hitting the road.

T-Mobile Binge On video streaming includes Disney, NAT GEO TV, Apple Music and More

T-Mobile Binge On program, which allows customers to stream unlimited video without cutting into their monthly high-speed data allotment, has added 16 new video streaming services including ABC, Apple Music, Disney, NAT GEO TV along with D-PAN.TV, CEEK VR and Shalom World.

That means everywhere your summer takes you, with Binge On, over 100 providers stream free. No overages and hopefully no road rage.

Since launching Binge On just eight short months ago...
  • The Un-carrier has quadrupled the number of Binge On streaming services,
  • Customers have streamed 765 MILLION hours of video data-free on Binge On services – or more than 87,000 years of watching video – that’s not even counting the hundreds of millions of extra hours customers have watched because they can watch three-times longer on ALL other video services, and
  • 80% of Binge On video services see customers watching longer, more frequently or more on mobile phones.
Binge On is completely free to customers AND providers, so T-Mobile invites every streaming service to sign on. Joining couldn’t be more straightforward.

In fact, 100% of existing providers surveyed reported that the technical requirements for joining Binge On were “straightforward and easy to comply with,” and 100% described joining Binge On as neutral or easy, with 79% saying it was “easy” or “very easy.”

More information and the full list of more than 100 Binge On services can be found at www.t-mobile.com/bingeon

If your favorite video provider isn’t part of the program, tweet us your favorite service @TMobile, along with the hashtag #BingeOn

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