Sprint Direct 2 You Expert Wireless Service

Almost time to upgrade or buy a new smartphone, tablet or other connected device? Then you'll be interested to know that Sprint has introduced Sprint Direct 2 You, a new service that brings a Sprint-trained expert with the Sprint mobile device to your location. Isn't that a new take on door to door service!

Sprint Direct 2 You Expert Wireless Service

So how does Sprint Direct 2 You work?
  1. Qualified customers receive an offer via text or email to upgrade their phone.
  2. Customers call the Sprint phone number in the text or email to take advantage of the offer and schedule an appointment for this free service.
  3. A Direct 2 You Expert arrives when and where the customer requests, sets up and activates the new phone, transferring all contacts and data from the old phone, then personalizes the new device to the customer’s specifications.
  4. Customers can choose to turn in their old phones for recycling or reuse.

Sprint Direct 2 You Expert Wireless Service
Sprint Direct 2 You Expert Wireless Service

With Sprint Direct 2 You, a Sprint-trained expert will bring a Sprint mobile device to a customer's location (home, office or other location they choose), set it up and transfer all of the content, including contacts, pictures, videos and apps, from their old device to a new one. And best of all its FREE!

Sprint developed this service based on customer research and insights that clearly indicated the need for a revolutionary service like this one. This new service is expected to place about 5,000 Sprint Direct 2 You cars in major metropolitan areas by the end of the year to make wireless shopping more convenient.

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  1. This service sounds amazing! I will never leave the house when I upgrade lol