Nickelodeon Egg-Tastic Preschool Episodes

Nickelodeon hops into the Easter season with brand-new themed episodes of preschool favorites Blaze and the Monster Machines, Little Charmers and Wallykazam!, premiering Friday, April 3, followed by Tickety Toc and Dino Dan premieres on Saturday, April 4, on Nick Jr.

Nickelodeon Egg-Tastic Preschool Episodes

Following is Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.’s programming lineup:

Friday, April 3 - Wallykazam

12:00 p.m. (ET/PT) -- ! “Hopgoblin”
Hattie the Witch turns Bobgoblin into a bunny for riding her broom without asking. Wally has to help Bobgoblin find Hattie and get her to change him back before sunset or he will be a bunny forever.

Friday, April 3 - Little Charmers

12:30 p.m. (ET/PT) -- “Sparkle Bunny”
Hazel and the Charmers are in charge of stuffing eggs for the Sparkle Bunny Day egg hunt, but all the eggs are missing when Sparkle Bunny shows up in the morning to get them.

Friday, April 3 - Blaze and the Monster Machines

1:30 p.m. (ET/PT) -- “Zeg and the Egg”
Zeg is out smashing things with Blaze and AJ when he finds a tiny dinosaur egg. The three friends must embark on an epic journey across a prehistoric landscape to return the egg to its Truckodactyl mother.

Saturday, April 4 - Tickety Toc

1:30 p.m. (ET) – “Easter Egg Time/Easter Parade Time”
Easter Egg Time: Tommy and Tallulah decorate scores of eggs for the Easter egg hunt, but Hopparoo breaks the prized golden egg. With Chime Time fast approaching, the twins must get the egg back together again.

Easter Parade Time: The competition to make the best Easter parade float leads to a big collision at the town clock. Everyone must work together to build a new float from the wreckage that will get them to Chime Time through a windstorm.

Saturday, April 4 - Dino Dan

2:00 p.m. (ET) – “Dino Footprints/Dino Egg Hunt”
Dino Footprints: When Hannah and Trek take an after-school art class with Hannah’s dad, Trek decides to use a sculpture to see just how different dino footprints can be.

Dino Egg Hunt: Ms. Carver organizes an egg hunt for her class, which gives Trek a chance to solve “Dino Experiment 419 – do the Compsognathus, Dromaeosaurus and Albertosaurus eat eggs?” and learn about what different carnivores eat.

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