Miles from Tomorrowland "Triple Play Friday" Episodes #WatchDJ

A few days ago I share about Disney Junior's "Triple Play Friday" Episodes happening this month. I hope you've been enjoying the double feature Friday episodes.

This Friday March 20 starting at 9:00 a.m. ET/PT make sure catch the 3 new back-to-back "Miles from Tomorrowland" episodes premiering on Disney Channel. This time I'm sharing a clip from one of the upcoming episodes along with the episode info.

Below is the information for the new episodes, along with 2 clips from "Happy Captain's Day":

Miles from Tomorrowland Triple Play Friday Episodes

"Happy Captain's Day / Planet of the Plants" premieres at 9:00 AM ET/PT on Disney Channel

In an effort to give Captain Phoebe a wonderful Captain's Day, Miles, Loretta and Leo embark on a nearly impossible space-task. Then, during a mission to Antheia, a planet completely covered with orange plants, the Callistos discover something stranger than the plants.

"Ride of the Quarkons / Downsized" premieres at 9:25 AM ET/PT on Disney Channel

The Callistos encounter a pod of Quarkons blocking the Photon Superhighway. Then, when the Callisto family is accidentally shrunken down by the Tomorrowland Mail-alien, the tiny family must work together to help Merc save an off-course starship.

"To the Goldilocks Zone / Hiccup in the Plan" premieres at 9:50 AM ET/PT on Disney Channel

Miles helps scout out the perfect planet for his Earth friend Haruna to live on. Then, the Callistos must figure out how to escape when a giant Sporjot alien swallows the Stellosphere.

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