4 Movie Themed LEGO Sets Gift Ideas

This year LEGO building sets have sold very well, in fact they've topped the list of items wanted by boys according to National Retail Federation. On top of that — the The LEGO Friends line has seen overwhelming success as a LEGO product specifically designed for girls.

I'm not surprised since we all know that fun happens when we re-imagine stories using LEGO building sets. One of my favorites are movie ties in - there's no question that movie-themed LEGO sets are the talk of the LEGO town.

Movie-themed LEGO sets are great holiday gifts ideas for toy and movie-lovers alike. Here are a few examples to give you some ideas. All of these sets are available on LEGO rental site, major retailers and Pley.com - "The Netflix of Legos".

More about Pley.com
Pley allows members to rent a different LEGO set each month based on their customer’s preferences. Each set is sanitized before being sent out, and there is no fee for missing a few pieces. Subscriptions range from a very affordable $15 to $39 per month.

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