Tumble Leaf App from Amazon Studios #TumbleLeaf

Last week we attended The Moms screening for Tumble Leaf, Amazon’s first original kids series available, and enjoyed it.

Tumble Leaf App from Amazon Studios

This week we're sharing news about the free Tumble Leaf App which features six games inspired by objects and activities from the show.

Game features include:
  • Coins: Light up the beach and find some coins.
  • Drumsticks: Tap around to play some forest beats.
  • Spring: Launch seeds and yarn into the air.
  • Tube: Get the popcorn to the Coo Coo birds.
  • Mask: Find the hidden items.
  • Top: Spin the tops to make a spinning song.
So far the app is only available for Kindle. Hopefully they'll expand it to other operating system soon.

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