Parent & Child Halloween Costume in Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine

Halloween isn't just for kids. Lots of parents (including myself) like to enjoy Halloween activities with their children. Trick or Treating and getting candy? I'm so there! But of course I'll need a costume to match my son right?

Parent and Child Halloween Costume in Scholastic Parent and Child Magazine

Good thing the October issue of Scholastic Parent & Child magazine has an article highlighting 4 parent-child costumes for Halloween. While all the costumes are great, I found the Artist and Canvas costumes the most fun. Any child will love to paint their parent. I can totally see me and my son wearing this for Halloween parties at his school. The Artist and Canvas costumes are really easy to make also. Money saving!

Parent Canvas
Grab your oldest white shirt and a pair of cheap leggings or sweatpants.

Child Artist
Give your pint-size artiste a striped T-shirt and a scarf or beret to wear. Voilà! You’re both ready to paint the town (well, neighborhood) red. And green and blue...

Besides these parent and child costume ideas, The October issue of Scholastic Parent & Child magazine other useful information includes
  • A Halloween Candy Decoder with better alternatives to traditional Halloween candy, a guide of what to keep and what to toss, and tips for controlling candy consumption after trick-or-treat!
  • Adorable free printable coloring pages that kids can work on while they wait to debut their costume on Halloween! Click below to view and download the pages: Werewolf , Dracula, Witch, Pumpkin, Frankenstein
  • An online exclusive series of costumes you can make out of a cardboard box! Tere are the instructions to make a Rain Cloud, a Samurai, a Unicorn, Frankenstein, or a Rocket Man!
With so many great articles and free printable activities, make sure to get your copy of the magazine.

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  1. Sometimes I find myself reading this mag and thinking, OMG my mother used to read these lol. We aren't that big into Halloween but he's been asking to be Iron Man so might try it out this year

  2. Isn't is great that Parent & Child magazine continues to be a resource for parents? Hope your son gets to be Iron Man and you both enjoy the day.