Scholastic Store Soho rainy day activities

What to do with the kids on a rainy, dreary day in the summer? At the Scholastic Store in Soho, they’re ready for fun and any weather! They have some great activities to keep kids occupied indoors:

Scholastic Store Soho rainy day activities

Stay dry and enjoy the rain! Choose one of the activities in 50 Rainy Day Activities. With a variety of ideas including hats, cards, bookmarks, puppets, garlands, and much more, there is sure to be something everyone in the family can enjoy!

Scholastic Store Soho rainy day activities

  • Brighten up a rainy day! Design Your Own Umbrella allows kids to use their creative skills to decorate and personalize an umbrella! The kit contains paint, paintbrushes, and stencils.
  • Prepare for your next outing! Kids can use stencils and paint to design their own tote bags with Enviro Shopping Bag and stay eco-friendly.
  • Get ready for the next sunny day! With 6 different bottles of window paint and a 56-page book of designs to trace, kids can design beautiful Window Art! Easy and fun to make, just your creations off the tracing overlays and stick on windows!

While in store you can also check out some great books about weather, including Discover More: Weather, The Weather Fairies series and The Magic School Bus at the Water Works.

All these rainy day activities (and many more!) are available at The Scholastic Store (30 Mercer Street) in Soho. Go by and check them out!

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