Zumba Fitness Core Contest to Win $1,000

About 3 years ago I attended an event where I learned and worked out using Zumba Fitness. It was so much fun! Since then so many people have started using the various Zumba Fitness workouts to get them in shape. Is one of your new year goals is to get in shape? Then Zumba® Fitness has a fun and rewarding contest you might be interested in.

Zumba Fitness Core Contest to Win $1,000

Majesco Entertainment Company invites you to enter the Party Your Abs Off™ in 90 Days with Zumba® Fitness Core contest for a chance to win $1,000 cash and the ultimate prize of a flat, sexy six-pack.

To register for the contest, go to www.ZumbaFitnessGame.com and submit your basic information by clicking “Enter Contest.” Make sure to snap a “before” photo of yourself and hold the Zumba® Fitness Core game next to you. Each photo must show your face and your abs in frame to meet eligibility requirements.

Sculpt your abs through a total-body workout with Zumba® Fitness Core on Wii™ or Kinect™ for Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft for 90 days. For best results, participants should complete a designated Core hour-long workout 3 to 5 days a week, and maintain a healthy diet during the 90-day period.

After completing the 90-Day Core Challenge, submit your “before” and “after” photos on ZumbaFitnessGame.com and share details of your diet and workout regimen. Celebrity Zumba® instructor and Zumba® Fitness Core cover superstar Melissa Chiz will pick the winners.

Click here for full contest details.

Party Your Abs Off™ in Zumba® Fitness Core as celebrity Zumba® instructors guide you through routines of 40 rockin’ tracks from chart-topping hits to era classics to genre-blending fusion tracks that, together with new Zumba® original songs, deliver 33 dance styles — the most diverse range included in any Zumba® Fitness video game to date.

Choose from 45 different pre-set classes or customize your workout to suit your specific preferences. New fitness features include both nutrition and lifestyle tips, plus personal and community goals you can work toward to keep motivated. With multiplayer support for up to four players on Wii™ and two on Kinect for Xbox 360, you can throw the ultimate dance-fitness party in your living room.

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