Sesame Street Spoofs Downtown Abbey Television Show

Sesame Street’s 43rd season is back with all new episodes beginning Monday, February 4th on PBS. In the months ahead viewers can look forward to more spoofs, more celebrities and more STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) from the award-winning preschool series.

Sesame Street Spoofs Downtown Abbey

Tune in to Monday's show for "Upside Downton Abbey,” a take on the Golden Globe-winning PBS television show, Downton Abbey, in which everything in Upside Downton Abbey keeps falling to the ceiling. They solve the problem by changing the name to Right Side Upton Abbey andeverything turns right side up.

You can check out the spoof below

Kristen Bell, Jon Hamm, Matt Kemp, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Melissa McCarthy, Paula Patton, Amy Ryan, Donald Glover, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Bobby Moynihan and Dax Shepard are among the guests who will visit Sesame Street throughout the remainder of the season.

The new episodes continue to focus on the five tenets of STEAM through fun adventures like a show where Grover, Elmo, and Rosita imagine that they are paleontologists digging to find fossils, and an episode where Oscar plans to create a painting that is so horrible it will make everyone on Sesame Street mad, only to have Abby point out the only person he has angered is himself.

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