Brain Beats Music Collection Teach Kid in Fresh New Way

It's no secret that fun, catchy music helps engage your brain and help you learn new things. That explains why children (and many adults) learn best using songs. There's a reason it's the ABC song. I wish more lessons can be learn by singing a song!

For example, when it comes to remembering things like U.S. state capitals, I have a hard time. I use to cringe in class when the teacher would ask me to name 1, much less 5. Ugh. Thankfully my son wont have to go through my forgetfulness.

Brain Beats

Brain Beats, a new music collection featuring 12 brilliant songs, can teach kids (and some adults) something new using music. Check out the video, featuring Atlanta-based rapper Renald Francoeur and artist Craighton Berman, to learn how.

Pretty cool huh. Learn more about Brain Beats here -

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