WordGirl Takes on Bullying w Special Guest Jane Lynch

Scholastic Media’s Emmy Award®-winning animated series WordGirl ® explores the power of words to help and to harm in a timely new one-hour episode, “The Rise of Miss Power,” which stars Emmy Award®-winner Jane Lynch as the voice of Miss Power and premieres February 20th on PBS KIDS GO! (check local listings).

WordGirl Takes on Bullying

The adventure begins when intergalactic visitor Miss Power comes to earth and promises to teach WordGirl everything she knows about crime-fighting. When the lessons don’t go as planned, WordGirl and her sidekick Captain Huggy Face begin to question whether Miss Power is a super hero or a super villain. Besides using strength and speed to defeat villains, Miss Power unleashes a secret weapon: the use of mean words to hurt people.

Initially resistant, WordGirl tries the tactic and feels empowered, leaving friends and foes agape at the unpleasant change in her ways. After Miss Power takes bullying to the extreme, WordGirl takes a stand, only to be belittled and stripped of her superhero star. How will WordGirl be resceed? Make sure to tune in and find out on February 20th on PBS KIDS GO!

“The Rise of Miss Power” is part of PBS KIDS’ on-going effort to provide anti-bullying programming and resources for parents and teachers. In addition to this special WordGirl premiere, PBS KIDS will feature additional programming throughout the year on appreciating differences and coping with bullies.

For more information on WordGirl, visit - http://pbskids.org/wordgirl/

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