Towelmate Line of Germ Resistant Towels

At the start of this year many pledged to go to the gym more to be healthy and fit. But with so many people using and sweating on exercise equipments the chances of getting sick while trying to be healthy is a real possibility. To help reduce germ contact the Towelmate is a perfect must have gym bag item.


The Towelmate is made of 100% soft absorbent cotton and utilizes a patented sweat resistant inter-lining. The tri-layer design creates a germ shield between your skin and the unhygienic surfaces commonly found in gyms.

Towelmate is selling a Gym towel with two specific sides, GYM and SKIN. While working out, a person can wipe down their face with the SKIN side and their fitness machine with the GYM side. The germ barrier inside the towel protects each side from contamination, which means no more wiping your skin with the sweat left on gym machines.

Towelmate also has an integrated sweat proof pocket to carry valuables and a sport strap that fastens to exercise equipment. Towelmate is licensed by Apple® Inc to specifically fit electronics such as iphones, ipods and ipads.

With multiple design and utility patents, Towelmate isn’t limited to just the gym.
  • Gym Towel – Germ Barrier & Integrated Protective Pocket
  • Golf Towel – Bag Clip & Integrated Protective Pocket
  • Kids Beach Towel – Toy Pocket & Bright Graphics
  • Beach Towel – Built-in Pillow & Storage Pockets
  • Yoga Towel – Integrated Carry Case, Germ Barrier & Non-Slip Bottom
For more information on Towelmate, call 1-855-TOWELM8 (855-869-3568) or visit:

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  1. The NEW towelmate website is set to launch mid february. In the mean time, take a look at their facebook page Product will be available for purchase once the new site is live!

  2. What a cool product...not that I go to the gym anymore, but you can always use germ-free towels anywhere like at the pool.

  3. TowelMate is awesome - leave the germs to the others...... You can use these for many things - pool, beach, baby bag, gym.....even picnics!