SmarTots "Quest for Best Kids’ Apps" Winners

SmarTots, a company that helps parents integrate meaningful learning experiences into the iPads and iPhones for their children, has announced the winners of its first “Quest for Best Kids’ Apps” contest. A panel of teachers selected three apps for their ability to deliver strong educational value while engaging children with playful and visually appealing content.

SmarTots Quest for Best Kids’ Apps Winners

All three winners include SmarTots Achievements, a user-friendly feature that lets parents and teachers monitor kids’ progress and performance as they interact with an educational app, and provides detailed reporting on their performance.

Gold Prize Winner: Space Math, by Lunchbox Apps, is a fun way for kids aged 4 and over to practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. The latest version of Space Math includes three math games that provide different ways of practicing basic arithmetic using flash cards, games and sliders as interactive teaching tools.

Space Math — is available for free on the iTunes store through Sunday.

Silver Prize Winner: Animal Preschool Games, by Bruce McLaren, is designed for preschool- and kindergarten-age children and incorporates several developmental skills for this age group. It can help a child learn to count, recognize different shapes and objects, learn the alphabet, teach rhyming, strengthen memory through matching, hand-eye coordination, and much, much more.

Bronze Prize Winner: Kid’s Math, by GoldStar App, comprises six educational apps (Counting, Basic Math with Choices, Basic Math with Calculation, Compare, Series and Clock), all combined into one app.

SmarTots is the first solution of its kind to offer parents a virtual report card on their child’s online learning progress, accompanied by fun offline family activities to reinforce the mobile learning and re-connect the family -

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