Johnson & Johnson Healthy Essentials pack has $190 in coupons

With the New Year start many are looking for the perfect way to keep their families looking great and staying healthy. Johnson & Johnson wants to help your family stay healthy, without putting to much pressure on your wallets, so every Sunday look for Johnson & Johnson Healthy Essentials saving packs in your local newspaper.

Johnson Healthy Essentials

The Johnson and Johnson Healthy Essentials savings pack includes $190 in coupons and rebates on your family’s favorite brands including: AVEENO®, NEUTROGENA®, LISTERINE®, Johnson’s®, Splenda®, BAND-AID®, OneTouch®, VIACTIV®, RoC®, REMBRANDT®, VISINE®, DESITIN®, NEOSPORIN®, LUBRIDERM®, BENGAY®, STAYFREE®, CAREFREE®, CORTAID®, and REACH®.

Coupons can also be downloaded at

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