January 7, 2012

Finding Makeup at @DuaneReade for Black Women #DReade #cbias

One of my goals for the New Year is to update the way I look. When I first learned I was pregnant, I gave up makeup and anything with chemicals to be on the safe side for the sake of my son.

Makeup at Duane Reade

But it's 3 years since the birth of my son and I need to kick start myself out of "the plain jane" look I've been stuck in for a while now. I decided to stop in one of my local Harlem Duane Reade stores to see what I could find.

Makeup at Duane Reade
Makeup at Duane Reade

Some might wonder why I chose the Duane Reade on 135th street in the Harlem area. To be honest being a women of African American decent I felt I could find a better selection of makeup and beauty products to suit my darker skin-tone. After entering the store and finding nearly 2 isles just for makeup and cosmetics. I knew I made the right choice.

Makeup at Duane ReadeMakeup at Duane ReadeMakeup at Duane ReadeMakeup at Duane Reade

The selection of cosmetics and makeup for a women of color was nicely varied. Brands such as IMAN Cosmetics to Black Opal to Covergirl Queen Collection could be found. I even found a spot and scar eraser that covered most skin-tones for women of African American decent.

Makeup at Duane Reade
Makeup at Duane ReadeMakeup at Duane Reade

While all the makeup brands had something I liked I chose to get products from Black Radiance. Why? For one I liked the colors of their moisturizing lip stains. They were just the right shades of being colorful without over doing it. But what really impressed me was the "Love Your Shade of Beauty" message on their eye shadows.

Makeup at Duane ReadeMakeup at Duane Reade

After picking up my makeup items, I checked around to see what else I might need for my min makeover. I saw some cool products like these Covergirl Exact Eyelights that claims to "brighten" your natural eye color and these Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens that allow you to design and paint your nails with polish.

Makeup at Duane Reade

After choosing my makeup, I headed into the skin care section. I was searching for products to help me remove the makeup at the end of the day plus keep my skin in great condition. This winter weather is really drying my skin out. I picked up a Olay foaming cleaner and Olay Complete all day UV moisturizer.

Makeup at Duane ReadeMakeup at Duane Reade

As I shopped for my beauty essential, my son did some shopping of his own. He always like to play with the toys cars and buses or check out the post card isle in the Duane Reade stores.

Makeup at Duane ReadeMakeup at Duane Reade

Now that I had my makeup and skin care take care of, it was time to find products for the next important part of my mini maker over. My hair! I recently colored my hair a basic black but I tempted to add more color. I took a quick peek to see what hair colors and styling tools were available in store.

Makeup at Duane Reade

As I browsed the hair styling section, I couldn't believe what I found. A Twilight: Breaking Dawn Hair Dryer! How crazy funny is that? I swear I always finding the most interesting things at Duane Reade.

Makeup at Duane Reade

As I marveled at the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Hair Dryer, my son decided it was time we headed over to the snack isle to get a few things. LOL

Makeup at Duane Reade
Makeup at Duane ReadeMakeup at Duane Reade

On our way to checkout and pay for our items, we passed by a section already prepared for Valentines day. As I looked at the pretty decorated boxes, I wonder if my mini makeover would lead to me getting a special Valentine Day gift this year from someone special.

Makeup at Duane ReadeMakeup at Duane Reade

So how much did my mini shopping cost me? I paid under $40 for a liquid lip color, eyeshadow, nail polish, skin cleaner and moisture.

We saw many more makeup and beauty items and I've added them in my Google + photo album: Duane Reade Makeup for Black Women

Makeup at Duane ReadeMakeup at Duane Reade

What did the makeup look like on me? Once home I tried both the liquid lip color and eye-shade. I loved that the liquid lip color (Succulent Plum) went on smooth and the looked nice with my skin tone.

Makeup at Duane Reade
Makeup at Duane ReadeMakeup at Duane Reade

The eyeshadow also looked nice but I think a bit to soft to be notice. I will have to play around with the colors to make them pop more against my skin-tone. If that doesn't work then I know where to go for more makeup shopping!

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Please Note: This Duane Reade #DReade shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

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Aisha G of HartlynKids said...

Glad you had a good experience. Thanks for sharing!

Nikki @ Mommy Factor said...

It's not easy finding the right makeup for black women, glad I found some things in my Harlem area

Bicultural Mama said...

Nice look at the end with the makeup! I can totally relate to feeling like a plain Jane now. I need to pizazz things up, too!

Jennifer Gilbart said...

Lookin' good mama!
The Twilight Breaking Dawn hairdryer is funny. Maybe people will buy it thinking they can get Bella's do.

Aisha G of HartlynKids said...

It is even harder finding STOCKINGS ugh!

Diane @ Philzendia said...

You look nice with makeup on. If you want a little more dramatic eye look, try one of those eyeshadow duos or trio sets that have coordinating colors for brow, eyelid and contour. That Twilight dryer is hilarious!

NYC Single Mom said...

Love the lipstick choice, looking forward to seeing it in real life.

I love the Twilight hairdryer, I almost bought it as a gag gift for friend.

Tracy said...

They don't have the Queen Collection at my local Duane's, I've been wanting to check it out, did you pick up anything from her collection?

Love the lip color, the eyes are noticeable, just add under brow highlight and lighter color either at the inner eye or center (everyone has a different preference on that) and it will pop more. Play with a bronze/copper liner it will play up your eyes!

Thanks for the post about the Duane Reade contest as well, I'm definitely going to enter, health has become quite a topic of interest for me recently....

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