Back Pain Relief for Working Mothers

Like many working moms (in or out the home), I'm sitting for long hours at work. Working on a project? Sitting. Having a meeting? Sitting. As if that's not bad enough, I also lug around a heavy bag during my to/from work commute, carry heavy groceries on the weekends and of course pick up my son when I get home. With all that lifting, no wonder working mothers struggle with back pain!

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To help find everyday easy tips for back pain relief, I spoke with Dr. Stuart Kahn, Director of the Spine Institute Pain Rehabilitation at Beth Israel Medical Center. Dr. Kahn really understood working mom and provides tips that worked with our lifestyle.

Sitting long hours at work – It's important to keep good posture while sitting. Help your posture by supporting your back with a back pillow on your chair. You can also move your PC screen closer and higher to encourage sitting back in the chair instead of leaning forward. Every hours stand up, stretch and walk around to ease the stress of sitting all day..

Picking up your children – I have to confess this was an arguing point between me and Dr. Kahn who felt children old enough to walk shouldn't be picked up as much. While my mind understands, my "mommy" heart rebelled at the thought of not picking up my 3 yo son. Yes he's heavy but still....

After listening to my many excuses why moms still pick up older toddlers Dr. Kahn offered these suggestions
  • Start those Kegel exercise! Learn to contract your pelvic muscles and to shift weight from your back to other muscles.
  • When possible it's better to carry a child on our backs piggy back style instead of on our sides.
  • It’s important you lift the right way in order to avoid back injuries. Always bend and lift from your knees – not the waist.
Heavy purses and back packs – Reduce the weight of heaving bags by clearing them out and eliminating some things. Are all those items really necessary?. While commuting, try to alleviate the pain by switching the shoulder or arm that carries your bag.

Groceries – Groceries, just like that heavy purse, can cause strain on your back. Instead of trying to get all the groceries in at once, take two trips and balance out the weight with a bag on each side. Or better get a shopping cart to carry heavy groceries!

As you can see these are simple and smart ways we can start keeping our backs healthy. Hope these tips lead to less back pain and a more enjoyable work day for my fellow moms!

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  1. I love that guy!
    He was my back doctor until my insurance changed.
    I used to call him Chaka Kahn!