Atari Freddi Fish & the Stolen Shell App Review

After playing Freddi Fish: ABC’s Under the Sea video game, my son and I became fans of the adorable yellow fish. So when I received an offer to review the new app Freddi Fish and the Stolen Shell, I quickly downloaded it and started the "review" process

Freddi Fish & the Stolen Shell App


Freddi Fish and the Stolen Shell sets children on an engaging, underwater adventure with Freddi to catch the thief who stole the Great Conch Shell from Uncle Blenny. Throughout the journey, children will overcome various challenges by using important, fundamental skills that are a hallmark of Humongous branded titles: critical thinking, problem solving and memory.

Game Features
  • Integrated with Apple’s GameCenter with exclusive in-game achievements.
  • Interactive touchscreen reveal hundreds of hidden surprises.
  • Create a song on the organ or play with the Crook Book for added fun!
Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for $2.99

Freddi Fish & the Stolen Shell App

My Review

I really liked that the game had many sections where you can find clues and objects needed in the game. Better then that, the game changes with new clues, locations and "bad guys" each time you play the game. Good way to encourage memory skills and creative thinking in children

I also like that Freddi Fish had some witty discussion with his friend Luther and the other characters in the game. When I wished to skip the dialogue, I just clicked on skip and continue playing the game.

Because the game has so many area and so much to do, I wish there was a kinda map so you knew where you are in the game. I also wish there was a hint option so you knew what objects you needed for each section. Oddly not all objects are needed to finish the game.

The game also has click-able areas filled with lots of animation and fun graphics for child to enjoy. Freddi Fish & Stolen Shell is a great app game child will enjoy exploring for hours.

Go ahead and download now!

Please Note: I received a code to down the app for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

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