Saline Soothers Wipes for Dry Irritated Noses Review

During the winter season many of us are either dealing with allergies or coming down with colds that lead to sneezing and runny noses. With runny noses come the constant wiping but that can leave us with red raw, dry and painful noses. Thankfully Little Busy Bodies, Inc. has introduced Saline Soothers for adults

Saline Soothers

A moist nose wipe, Saline Soothers is a soft wipe that hydrates with saline while dissolving any dried mucus from the skin and sensitive interior of the nose.

I received a pack of Saline Soothers to try and LOVED it. The wipes are so soft and just what my tender nose needed. Since it has aloe and vitamin E, wiping my nose didn't leave it dry and irritated. Besides being soft, I like that their Alcohol Free AND Hypoallergenic. I'm definitely stocking up on Saline Soothers for this cold season,

Saline Soothers are available at Walgreens and Walmart stores nationwide in a re-sealable 15-count pack for $1.99 or in a 45 count mini tissue box.

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Please Note: I received a product sample for review purpose. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

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  1. This product definitely seems like it should be on the "stock up for winter" list!