Sharing Tropicana's Fruit & Veggie Pledge at #Blogalicious11 #Tropimomma

I know many are waiting anxiously for my recap post as a Tropicana TropiMomma attending the Blogalicious 2011 conference. LOL. I did plan to posting while I was at Blogalicious, but once my special Tropicana package arrived, I was busy sharing about the Fruit & Veggie Pledge and rewarding those that found me with coupons for a free 59 oz Tropicana Pure Premium and 59 oz Trop50.

TropiMomma Blogalicious

While everyone loved the free coupons, more people were impressed to learn about Tropicana's Fruit & Veggie Pledge. I was shocked to find out many at the conference didn't know that Tropicana had such a great campaign going on. As I spoke to some of the moms like Bonnie, who's in the video below, I realized how being a TropiMomma at Blogalicious helped moms and families.

I was so excited and honored to help the moms and families at Blogalicious learn about Tropicana's Fruit & Veggie Pledge. Keeping children and their families healthy is SO important and I was fired up to reach as many people as I could while at the conference.

TropiMomma Blogalicious
TropiMomma Blogalicious

Turns out finding people to talk to wasn't much of an issue. LOL. Blogalicious has a great community grapevine. As I meet and shared with friends like Kimberly of Mocha Manual, they shared with their community.

TropiMomma Blogalicious

Sharing with Renee Syler of Good Enough Mother

TropiMomma Blogalicious

Sharing with Jennifer James, Founder of Mom Bloggers Club & Mom Blog magazine

It wasn't long before I was being stopped by people ASKING me to tell them about Tropicana's Fruit & Veggie Pledge. Everyone was so thankful and really appreciated that Tropicana wanted to reach out and connect with moms and families of color and diversity.

TropiMomma Blogalicious

Sharing with Ruby of Growing up Blackxican

TropiMomma Blogalicious

Sharing with Martin of I Luv Black Women

TropiMomma Blogalicious

Sharing with LaShanda of SistaSense

TropiMomma Blogalicious

Sharing with Divina of Dancing Hotdogs

TropiMomma Blogalicious

Sharing with Eva of Socamom and her friends

Make sure to visit my "TropiMomma at Blogalicious 2011" photo album on my facebook page to see all the photos.

By the end of the conference, my 100's of coupons was down to just a few coupons. Feeling my bag lighter made my heart heavy with pride and gratitude. So happy my presence at Blogalicious 2011 as a Tropicana TropiMomma made such a powerful impact.

HUGE THANK YOU to the Tropicana brand, the Blogalicious Conference Founders and to the moms and families who took the time to listen about the Fruit & Veggie Pledge and let me take their photos.

To learn more about Tropicana visit

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Please Note As part of the Tropicana "TropiMomma" Ambassador program, I wrote this post for informational purposes. My travel, conference pass and hotel will be covered. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

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  1. I love Tropicana! No added sugar is super important to me as a parent, I can always count on Trop, and I love the Trop 50, I get enough calories elsewhere!
    Great post!

  2. It was great seeing you at Blogalicious 2011 in DC! I love my Tropicana coupons and have enjoyed them with my family. Thank you again for the interview and I hope to see you soon.