Fantage Talks Gaming Safely

Recently I attended a blogger luncheon hosted by Fantage, an online destination for kids and tweens, for a discussion about kids and online safety. During the event I also had a sneak peek at some of the initiatives Fantage is bringing to their online gaming world in the coming months – including an initiative around connecting kids with teachers within Fantage’s fun and familiar online world.


During the event, Fantage CEO David Hwang shared why Fantage is the go-to spot for kids, parents and educators alike. Some of the key features included:
  • Cartoon-like avatars with distinctive hair and custom clothes float through scrolling towns (unique to online gaming) on futuristic hover boards for a new take on in-game transportation.
  • Make, and keep, friends from around the world. Fantage connects players to their friends in any location, with exclusive group chats and world-wide text messaging services, featuring an intelligent filter system for safe communication.
  • Safe as can be. Fantage offers a customizable three-tiered safety system, providing parents peace-of-mind and a safe and fun online environment for kids, tweens and teens. With a chat filtering system, report users system, and a professional monitoring system, parents have more control on Fantage than other children’s sites.
  • Shop ‘til you drop. Each of Fantage’s 12 towns features unique shops, such as Stellar Salon or Le Shop, where players can buy hairstyles, clothing and accessories for their avatars, as well as purchase other customization options to make their in-game experience truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Never a dull moment. Nearly every day brings a new feature to Fantage. Recent updates include new additions to the pet family, which gives players the ability to adopt a variety of fantastical pets, and the new school system, which allows teachers to connect with their students and makes learning fun with games like Off the Hook, an exciting quiz game.

I also learned about the feature within Fantage School section for teachers to use within a class room setting. Teachers can setup a private Fantage class room which will allow only their students to access to enter and play the educational games. It's a fun way to utilize the sites educational features.

There's many fun section and abilities to the site that I think is worth checking out.

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