The Bullying Academy Anti-Bullying Curriculum

These days, it's not enough to learn reading, writing and arithmetic, as 1 out of 4 kids are bullied in person and 43% have been bullied while online. Now that schools are mandated to address this alarming epidemic, Tommy Walser, a 23 year-old New York University Law School student from Florida, is leading the charge.


Tommy Walser is the founder of The Bullying Academy, a free online resource quickly becoming the leading web-based, interactive program designed to help parents, students and teachers deal with the dangers associated with bullying and cyberbullying.

The Bullying Academy provides a professionally developed curriculum and grade appropriate content that engages students through quizzes and games. It also provides information specifically developed for educators and parents. Since it is web-based, it provides immediate access from any computer, and if students score at least 40%, they are rewarded with a diploma.

Furthermore, schools are provided with data reports for each student that identifies how well he/she scored in specific categories. Data reports are also available by class, school or district and proof of compliance with statutory requirements for bullying prevention programs are also provided.

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