Barbara Reich Organizing & Travel Tips for Busy Moms

I recently went to an organizing event with professional organizer, Barbara Reich, of Resourceful Consultants and The Container Store. During the event I met with Barbara Reich to talk to her one-on-one for expert organizational tips and watch her work her magic as she organizes a cluttered and disorganized apartment space.

Barbara Reich Organizes
Barbara Reich Organizes
Barbara Reich Organizes

By the time I arrived to the apartment, Barbara has been there for hours, helping the owner of the apartment, a busy mom, organize and clear out the clutter she felt over whelmed by. I spoke briefly with the mom who shared a little about how things become cluttered and how by using the tips Barbara taught her she was able to gain some clutter free space.
Barbara Reich OrganizesBarbara Reich Organizes

One of Barbara tips is to group like items together to finding and organize easier. Another tip is to have a regular clutter day so you can keep pace with the items filling your space, Many people wait till things are overwhelming to try and clean but that can be stressful.

The Tips Barbara shared with this mom can be applied to any area of your life that needs organizing. Since most people are traveling this time of year I asked about time saving travel tips.

Here are 4 great travel tips from Barbara Reich
  1. When packing for a holiday vacation, think light. New airline regulations levy a charge for suitcases that weigh more than 50 pounds and most charge extra for more than one piece of luggage per person. If you’ve been accustomed to traveling with large, heavy pieces, invest in some lighter weight canvas/nylon carryalls.
  2. Ship all of your toiletries to your destination one week in advance through an online drugstore such as If you order enough, you may even qualify for free shipping. You’d be surprised how much sunblock, diapers and shampoo can weigh.
  3. Don’t pack each family member in his/her own piece of luggage. If there are four people in your family, pack a fourth of each person’s clothing in each piece of luggage. If luggage is lost or stolen, everyone will have enough to wear until it’s found.
  4. Plan your wardrobe around three pair of shoes. If you can pack one pair of shoes for all of your night time outfits, one pair of shoes for your day time wear and one pair of sneakers, you have simplified and lightened your load.

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