April 22, 2011

The Metropolitan Suite Opening: Eco-Friendly Event Space

I was recently invited to the official opening reception for The Metropolitan Suite which has now become a eco-friendly event space. The Metropolitan Suite features retrofitted design elements such as the harvested dark wood floors, without insecticides or laminating adhesives, paired with high ceilings to create a dramatic effect. The space looked amazing and I was excited to tour around learn more.
Metropolitan Suite Eco-Friendly
At the event I had a chance to meet one of the local farmer who's ingredients were used by chefs on hand to introduce dishes from Sterling Affair and Thomas Preti Events, who committed to using only the freshest and most sustainably harvested ingredients in a showcase of culinary skill.
Met Suite Eco-Friendly
Metropolitan Suite Opening
Metropolitan Suite OpeningMetropolitan Suite Opening
Metropolitan Suite OpeningMetropolitan Suite Opening
At the event there was different Chef tasting stations, yummy hors d’oeuvres, and desserts featuring organic and locally grown ingredients
Metropolitan Suite Opening
Metropolitan Suite Opening
Metropolitan Suite Opening
Metropolitan Suite Opening
I also had a chance to see the new innovations of the venue like Scharff Weisberg Lighting who showcase their latest LED lights for an energy efficient visual experience. Meanwhile the Metropolitan Pavilion team presented an d├ęcor environment using recycled and natural materials with earth tones and textures such as moss, grass, boxwood, wicker, and wood.

The lobby tiles and restroom areas are made by Emilceramica S.p.A. and are comprised of 100% recycled content that offers a wood-like look. The flooring of the kitchen and the back hallway contains patent-pending BioStride by Migrations, which is made with rapidly renewable US-grown plant ingredients, which reduces reliance on petroleum and fossil fuels. The 120-low voltage LED track lighting reduces energy consumption while able to create flexible mood setting.

The space looked amazing, the food was delicious and it felt great to know that such an event can be done without destroying natural resources. I'm looking forward to attending more events at the new eco-friendly Metropolitan Suit.

photos: Nadav Havakook

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Carolyn G said...

Wow what a fun event. I love that people are embracing the green eco friendly lifestyle.

I bet the food was delish! Thanks for sharing.

MamiofMultiples.com said...

What a great and educational event to attend! Its wonderful to live in cities that truly are finding ways to live to incorporate a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Thanks for posting!

Patty @ A Day in My NYC said...

It looks like the perfect event to celebrate Earth Day! :)

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