Nanny Caddy Kiosks baby/toddler supplies help traveling with a child easier

Nanny Caddy was created in 2008 by Celena Lentz, an Arizona mother of two and former nurse who knew what it was like to be away from home with toddlers and suddenly realize your diaper bag was missing a crucial supply. The Nanny Caddy is not just any vending machine, it's one with a seemingly bottomless bag of supplies for distraught parents at a time when a dirty diaper or lost pacifier threatens to turn the wait at an airport into a living hell or spoil a family trip to the zoo.

Nanny Caddy
Nanny Caddy, with its teal-and-purple kiosks found in airports, theme parks, zoos, malls, aquariums and other locations, dispensing supplies that can calm the crying and rescue a trip or outing from certain disaster. The items range from diapers in three sizes, diaper cream and baby wipes to ready-to-feed formula, “binkies,” Tylenol and more.

Nanny Caddy’s has reach to 10 states and such well-known locations as:
  • SeaWorld Orlando
  • Legoland
  • Chicago’s Field Museum
  • Sesame Place
  • The Houston Zoo
  • The Philadelphia International Airport
  • The Bronx Zoo
Nanny Caddy is the antidote to the stress parents and caregivers feel when they are on the go with babies and young children and realize they need something and have either no place to buy it or can’t find it in a convenient size,” said FitzGerald. “That one small purchase can literally save the day.”

For frazzled parents and caregivers the benefits of this easy-to-use machine stocked with more than 300 items just can’t be measured.

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  1. This is a really neat thing! Of course in my teeny tiny city there would not be one here! Luckily I am the kind of mom that has transformed my purse into a nanny caddy of sorts :)

  2. Anything that helps keep a child happy and prevents meltdown is a great idea. LOL Hopefully your purse isn't to heavy