Baby Clothing Network: online trading service for children's clothing

As my son grows in leaps and bound towards the 3 year old mark, he's leaving behind not only his babyhood but tons of baby clothes also. It seems this year he's out grown his pants, shirts and shoes over night! Some items my son haven't even been worn yet! What to do with all the clothes that wont fit him anymore? I recently learned about the Baby Clothing Network, an online trading service for children's clothing, that helps parents exchange bundles of baby clothes for equal value during a child's fastest growing years, 0-5.

Baby Clothing Network

At Baby Clothing Network you create and exchange bundles of baby clothes for equal value. If you trade $80 worth of kids clothes you will get at least $80 worth of clothing back! What is unique about Baby Clothing Network is that members don't pay for clothing.

Baby Clothing Network

So how does it work?

You list your bundle of clothes on the site and they’ll find a mom (or dad, aunt, etc) who wants them. When someone requests your bundle they’ll email you a pre-paid shipping label ready to go in the mail. Simply print and attach the label to a large Flat Rate USPS box (these boxes are 100% free). You pay nothing to ship your bundle.

Once your bundle is traded you will immediately receive Baby Clothing Network Tags equal to the value of your clothing. Baby Clothing Network Tags are used as the website currency to purchase new bundles. Use your Baby Clothing Network Tags to shop for bundles of clothes that will fit your little growing sprout. When you request a bundle you pay only shipping fees and within 10 days a bundle of clothes is delivered to your door. How cool is that?!

As a full time working mom, I like the idea that I can trade my son's outgrown clothing without having to leave my house to attend a swap meet or wait for some stranger from an online site to pickup. Knowing that I can receive back the same value for the items I'm swapping is also key. While I am working I still have to count my pennies.

As most parents know kids clothing can be pricey when you have to replace every few months due to a growth spurt. It's good to know that a fair value is being set for the kids clothes. The price suggestions on the Baby Clothing Network is set by it's members not the site owner or some random person.

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