HP Wall Art Review : Design, Delivery & SpongeBob Panel Sneak Peek

Imagine my surprise when I received a box with a picture of SpongeBob on the side. What was inside the box? A few weeks ago I share how excited I was to be invited to review the Nick Walls by HP. At that time I was in the process of designing, ordering and waiting for delivery. Well, my HP Wall Art order came in and I'm excited to share about the designing process and give you a sneak peak at my HP Wall Art SpongeBobpanel design

HP Wall Art

Designing my HP Wall Art panel

The designing of the panel is a straight forward process. You can use all of the website design tools without an account but to save or order a wall, you will need to create one. After you log-in into the Nick Wall Art by HP site, a screen loads where you enter your wall dimensions under “wall layout". After that you can begin your wall design by choosing from the following menus

HP Wall Art

  • Wall Layout: Here you set the dimensions for your print and add features to your wall like doors and windows – approximate measurements are okay to start with; but you must enter precise measurements at any time before checkout.
  • Theme: Choose a decorative theme.
  • Templates: Get a running start and select from a number of professional designs – these are starting points which you can use as-is, or customize by changing the background, or selecting new or different objects.
  • Background: Select a background for your design. The background can be scaled and positioned arranged on your wall to your liking.
  • Objects: Add characters and foreground elements to your design. Objects can be moved and resized to create a custom design.

HP Wall ArtHP Wall Art

The process itself was simple since you dragged and dropped shapes and images into your wall design. You can also move, flip & resize objects till the layout is how you want. But I discovered 2 cons to the designing process.
  1. Seems you can only pick a certain objects from one theme. For example, I can't use a sponge bob background and add an object from the Dora theme.
  2. Seems there is no "add text" option. For example, if I wanted to write my son's name on the wall panel there is no option for that.
Once I chose my template and designed my layout, I saved and sent it to print for shipment. I received a confirmation email with a thumbnail image of my layout for reference along with my wall art designed details. My order was expedited for my review process but I'm told normally deliveries arrive within a week's time-frame. So how did my Wall Art arrive? Check out the video below

Opening the Box

HP Wall ArtHP Wall Art
Believe it or not the SpongeBob design was not my first choice. Originally, I had another design picked out but my son was more interested in the SpongeBob layout. I have to admit, while I'm not a SpongeBob fan, I did like the water background. Thus why I have a SpongeBob Wall Art panel. Want to see how the HP Wall Art SpongeBobpanel design came out. Check out the video below Sneak peek at my SpongeBob wall panel
While I did have a sneak peak of what the Wall Art looked like during the HP Products preview event, I was still impressed with the quality of the panels. The paper stock wasn't flimsy like other wall panels I've seen. The panel felt firm and strong but still flexible to be rolled and worked with. The colors were bright and vivid and the design itself came out exactly as I had seen on my preview screen. Now that the fun part of designing my HP Wall Art panel is over, that hard work beginning. As you saw in my videos I have a tall and wide wall to cover but I'm going to enlist help...from taller people...to help me get the job done. So stay tuned to see how it turns out! Please Note: I received a HP Flip camera to video my experience for review purposes. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.
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