Anti-Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Single People

The red roses, the chocolates and the mushy pre-written cards – Valentine’s Day can be a bit unbearable for the 43 percent of Americans who are currently single.

But fear not independent men and women, Anti-Valentine’s Day is officially February 15th and PayPal’s Shopping Specialist, Claudia Lombana, has some great gifts to help you celebrate your singleness, forget your recent breakup or tip your hat to your “romantically challenged” friends.


50 Boyfriends worse than yours book:- starts at $5
Being able to laugh in the face of adversity is a strong characteristic. Help yourself or your recently dumped friend along with this hilarious look at the world of romance gone awry. It includes 50 profiles of the worst boyfriends a girl could ever have.

Problem solved – dump your woman t-shirt:$25 (also available in dump your man)
This mens t-shirt, dubbed "problem solved - woman shirt" is an expressive way for a broken hearted man or woman to make a short, not-so-sweet and simple point


Personalized iPad cases:$52.90
Show off your signature single style with a personalized iPad case. These cases combine luxury with protection for your tablet.

Bittersweets sarcastic candy hearts:$9.95 for one tin; $19.95 for 3 tins (on sale)
Bittersweets® - The Valentine's Candy for the Rest of Us, are candy hearts stamped with bitter musings and mockeries. Now available in THREE unique collections- "Dejected", "Dysfunctional", and "Dumped"- with each featuring up to 37 unique sayings each such as, “I miss my ex”, “mutual disgust”, and “forget we met”.
Anti-Valentine’s Day Cards: $3
Keep it simple and say it with a card, but not just any card. These Anti-Valentine’s Day cards come complete with messages to show your disdain for February 14th and its little mascot Cupid.
Say it with a Tie: $35.75
Create one-of-a-kind ties for yourself or your loved ones. Anti Valentine’s Day ties display your feeling about the heart-shaped day with some edgy humor.

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  1. Love these! I am usually not single for Valentine's, but truthfully, most of the men I have dated are so clueless they make it worse than being single and alone on the 14th. Lol!

  2. Great gift ideas! I think these are very cute,very unusual, and very Anti-Valentines

  3. OOPs, Forgot to post the link!

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