Dads Will Go Gaga for a Taga Bike

He takes them to the park. He scares away the monsters. He even changes diapers. Give Dad a gift that will move him and make him feel special this Father’s Day—and also make him feel manly when he’s carrying a diaper bag.

  • Dad likes spending fun time with the kids, cycling, being green, and going to-and-from with ease.
  • Dad doesn’t like pushing the pink pram you think is adorable.
  • Takes families from doorstep to destination by toggling from a bike to a stroller in 20 seconds or less.
  • Leaves no parts behind, so Dad and kids can go wherever the road takes them.
  • Is self-powered, environmentally friendly and reduces carbon footprints.
About Taga:

Be in the moment on the bike path or in the park, Taga's 3-wheel carrier bike design lets you ride with confidence. When you get to where you're going, toggle effortlessly to stroller mode to go shopping or pop in for a latte. Then when it's time to go, toggle back. You'll pedal with the satisfaction of knowing Taga's good exercise - and good for the environment, too. For more information please visit

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